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Ever wondered how the power lifters of this world grow such phenomenal Muscle and Fitness when compared to their bodybuilding compatriots. It may seem odd to many that the power lifters of this world can produce such feats of strength when they are generally not as large as bodybuilders, today you will find out why.

To gain muscle and fitness, power lifters use a special training technique called 5×5 training. This training style is generally seen as created by the godfather of weightlifting Ivan Abadjiev. Abadjiev is a Bulgarian who trained all the top Bulgarian weightlifters in the 1980’s bringing many gold medals to this small Eastern European country.

So what is this 5×5 training regime?

The workout is called 5×5 training because on the big compound exercises you will lift five sets of five reps, this is done on the heaviest weight you can lift to achieve 5 sets of 5 reps. Once you have achieved 5×5 you will add weight on your next session to try and achieve 5 sets of 5 reps and you will stay on this weight until this is achieved. 5×5 training requires three to four workouts a week of forty five to sixty minutes in length each. Each session concentrates on specific muscle groups and uses compound exercises as the backbone to the workouts.

For those that don’t know, compound exercises are those where there is a need to use more than one joint in the exercise. Examples of this are the bench press where the elbow and shoulder joints are being used or the squat where the ankles, knees and hips are used. These will really ramp up your muscle and fitness levels! Along with the compound exercises the 5×5 training regime also uses conditioning exercises of greater repetitions to support the workout.


Below is a great 5×5 workout plan utilizing three sessions a week. If you get to the stage of advanced training you will increase this to four and use the fourth for conditioning only with lighter weights and more repetitions.


Day 1

Bench press 5×5

Incline bench press 5×5

Shoulder Press 3×12

Skull crushers 3×8

Cable pushdowns 3×8

Crunch (Abs) 3×25


Day 2

Barbell row 5×5

Lat pulldown 5×5

Hammer curls 3×8

Barbell curls 3×8

Reverse Crunches (Abs) 3×25


Day 3

Deadlift 5×5

Squat 5×5

Leg press 3×8

Calf raises 2×12


With this training plan it is important to train for 12 weeks then have a week off before starting again.

Many people who start the 5×5 training regime find that their strength increases by up to 60% or more in the first 12 weeks and that their body gains greater conditioning and improve aesthetically. This is why those looking for muscle and fitness should use this training plan as their first option in gaining the size and strength they want.

We are sure you are asking yourself how you don’t already know about this brilliant workout. The truth is that it was a big secret in the Soviet bloc nations and didn’t get divulged to nations of the west until after the fall of communism and the Berlin wall at the end of the 1980’s.

If it wasn’t for the greatness of Ivan Abadjiev this advanced and powerful 5×5 training session would never have been devised. This would have meant many men and women across the world would not enjoy the muscle and fitness it delivers.

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